Shipping & Handling

Handling time for watches is generally around 3 – 4 business days. We will email QC pics of your order for your approval before shipping. Then, we will ship the next day after watches are confirmed by the customers, with the exception of weekends.

Handling time for parts is varied. Parts order will need more time so please keep that in mind before ordering. Parts ordered are non refundable or exchangable.

Shipping methods:

For 1-3 watches,

4PX (USA only): 30 USD per shipment

SPT/ EMS: 25 USD  per shipment (For Singapore , Malaysia and Thailand only)

EU countries:
DHL (EU only) :  40 USD per shipment

Triangle shipping via UK : 60 USD per shipment

Triangle shipping via Czech Republic : 60 USD per shipment

For more quantities and shipping cost for a watch box, please email us for a quote.

Shipping time depends on the shipping methods. Please note that customs and shipping companies in your countries will also affect the delivery timeframe. Shipping cost is not refundable.

In the event your order was seized by customs, please contact us immediately. Rest assured that we would work with you to get the best solution. However, for unsuccessful deliveries or if your order was stolen, we will not be held responsible for it. Please also note that we are not responsible for your country tax.

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