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Current situation Re: the raids

Submitted by jamestiopan on Thu, 04/22/2021 - 00:02

Dear Customers,

Some of you may know that there are ongoing raids at the watch market currently. It's particularly aggressive this year. As the result, it prompted the makers to close and lay low for the time being to avoid being arrested.

As such, there will be delays in getting your orders to you. We're still getting watches delivered to us, only it's slowed down now for reasons above. Please don't worry about your orders, we'll email QC pics as soon as we receive the watches from the makers. 

We hope you can be patient as we ride this through together.

Thanks for your understanding.

UPDATE: Some makers have started to work again, but still not daily. They only opened a few days a week. So the delays will still continue. Please be patient.
Thank you.

UPDATE 1 (July 2021): Most makers have started to deliver watches last week. However, it's not exactly at normal pace yet . Also some makers like Noob, JJF, V6 and VRF haven't returned to work so their watches are still not available.

Best regards,